Scriptural Clean & Unclean


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The Messiah, Yahshua, died for the sins of mankind. True. But did you know there is another major reason He endured the stake! Do you know what it is? Probably not. Because THIS reason is rarely, if ever, mentioned in religious meetings.  Never, if at all, is it heard nor suspected! What is it? And why, for instance, do we find so many New Testament references to unclean spirits?
Maybe too, you have been taught the Laws such as unclean meats, were “done away” at Calvary.  That they are no longer required of New Testament, new covenant, believers?

Is that true? Is that, in fact, what the Messiah Yahshua and His disciples taught and practiced? You need the Scriptural FACTS to see for yourself what they really taught about those Laws.
So, what about all those Biblical Laws regulating the clean and unclean conditions of food and people?  Are they just archaic remnants of old-fashioned religious superstitions?
Or do they affect disease outbreaks and intimately touch all our lives? Find out.  Get the answers to these and other questions.

Read, “Scriptural Clean and Unclean”.  This study lifts the veil off this often-taboo topic mentioned seventy times in the New Testament alone!

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