Wormwood: On a Collision Course with Earth!


Asteroids in Your Future?

Will planet Earth one day be on an irreversible collision course with massive cosmic debris, mammoth “Earth-killer” sized rocks? Or is it now on such a course?

Does the Bible prophesy such events?

This doomsday possibility has been billed by scientists as “…the ultimate environmental hazard: the conceivable destruction of civilization by the impact of a comet or asteroid…” (Los Alamos Laboratories, New Mexico conference, 1992).

When the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 blasted the planet Jupiter in July, 1994, an awestruck astronomer prophetically gasped, “We are seeing our future in advance!”

What is in our future? Is Earth now moving quickly toward a rendezvous with a centuries-old prophesied destiny fraught with global environmental risk?

Does the Bible show there is in fact a very real cause for concern?

Get the Creator, Yahweh's, sobering views on these monumental questions! Read “Wormwood: On a Collision Course with Earth” without delay! Order your copy today (Suggested donation: $3.00 US PPD).

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