The Second Coming of Babylon


A World Capital, a great city-called a “woman” in prophecy, is about to make a meteoric rise to prominence and dominance on the world scene! What is the name of this awakening giant, this center of opulence and world power? Where is it located? This booklet reveals the clear, definite Biblical answers to these questions. No guessing. No speculation. Too, this “woman” rides a 10-horned beast. Who are these “ten horns” of prophecy (Rev. 17:12, 14, 16)? Read the actual NAMES of the ten-horns of prophecy unveiled right from your Bible. Find out when-month and year-the woman will likely be destroyed. “The Second Coming of Babylon,” is an urgent, stunning message for this end-time generation about, “…things which must shortly come to pass…” (Rev. 1:2). Order your copy today (Suggested donation, $3.00, ppd in US).

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