Christmas: The Untold Story


What are professing Christians really celebrating during Christmas? Just whose birth are they really commemorating on December 25? They say it is the birth of Jesus Christ., but the Messiah's name is not Jesus; but Yahshua, meaning “Yahweh is Savior.”

Yahshua was not born on December 25, and the Bible nowhere commands, nor allows, a celebration of his birthday. Church authority cannot override the Bible's firm directives.

So why this celebration? Why a birthday memorial with such religious connections? Who is the god of this world (II Cor. 4:4), the one being adored?

Many the world over aggrandize and reverence Christmas as the birth of someone who cannot be the Messiah of the Bible. Who? Whose birthday is it? Write today for the booklet Christmas: The Untold Story (suggested donation $2.00; US PPD). Read the surprising story of Christmas-a story that goes back to the dawn of angelic history-to the birth of a great winged Cherub (Ezk. 28:14).

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