The Scriptural Weekly Sabbath is NOT From Sunset-to-Sunset


Here is the stunning, surprising truth about the Scriptural weekly Sabbath. Hidden for untold centuries, the true weekly Sabbath of the Bible has once again emerged into full view. Through the pages of this 48-page book the startling truth of the true Sabbath of Scripture is restored. This vital knowledge is a basic part of the sign which identifies Yahweh's people. By the TRUE Sabbath sign we know who is sanctified by Yahweh and who is not! Do you have the true sign of Yahweh? (Ex. 31:13; Ezk. 20:12, 20)

Saturday is the right day of the week, but WHEN does the weekly Sabbath start? Does it really start at sundown Friday and end sundown Saturday? Where does the BIBLE say that? Is Leviticus 23:32 proof of a sunset-to-sunset weekly Sabbath? Could it be an ancient Babylonian method of reckoning the day has been substituted for Yahweh's true weekly Sabbath? Read this shocking eye opener and learn the answer to these questions and other important facts about the Sabbath.

This is must reading for anyone who believes the weekly seventh-day Sabbath is Saturday. Here is the BIBLE truth on the proper time to observe the commanded weekly Sabbath. Read the surprising facts of the Bible and history! Send for your copy today (48 pp; Suggested donation: $4.00 US PPD).

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