• Beginning and End of the Biblical Year

    The Scriptural calendar has been a matter of differing views for centuries. Major causes for this uncertainty are tradition and the loss in antiquity of the knowledge of the patriarchal astronomers (Adam, Noah, Moses, Job…). Though sparse and scattered, Yahweh preserved in the Bible sufficient details of their writings to recover His true Holy Days.
    The false perception continues, however, that the Bible is void of the structure of the Sacred Calendar. Seriously, how could Yahweh command observance of His New Moons and Holy Days, but leave nothing in His Holy Word showing how He fixes those times?
    This study shows the facts of Scripture and firm historical dating which reveal two cardinal points: the beginning and end of the Biblical year. Knowing these, the true Scriptural day and New Moons, we show how to determine Yahweh’s solar-lunar Holy Days…from the Bible; not tradition nor other calendar schemes from Babylon and elsewhere.
    Yahweh’s Sabbaths are the sign of His people, those He has sanctified (Ex. 31:13; Ezk. 20:12, 20). How can we be sanctified without the knowledge of His Sabbaths? This information is essential to salvation, your salvation. Approach it with an open mind. Lay aside tradition and see what Yahweh’s Word says about His calendar.

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  • Biblical Tithing is NOT on Money

    Does the Bible teach tithing on money? Where does it say to tithe on the money we earn? What really is Biblical “increase?” And what is the “principle of tithing?” Why did Abraham give tithes to Melchizedek the priest of Salem? Is tithing commanded in the New Testament? Few doctrines have been as badly misrepresented as the doctrine of tithing. If you now tithe on money, then you owe it to yourself and your family to read this detailed study of tithing. You will be shocked to learn just what the BIBLE says on this important topic. Read this shocking eye-opener and get the answers to these and other important questions about tithing! This is one of our most popular, widely read booklets. (50 pp; Suggested donation: $4.00, US PPD)

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  • Christmas: The Untold Story

    What are professing Christians really celebrating during Christmas? Just whose birth are they really commemorating on December 25? They say it is the birth of Jesus Christ., but the Messiah's name is not Jesus; but Yahshua, meaning “Yahweh is Savior.”

    Yahshua was not born on December 25, and the Bible nowhere commands, nor allows, a celebration of his birthday. Church authority cannot override the Bible's firm directives.

    So why this celebration? Why a birthday memorial with such religious connections? Who is the god of this world (II Cor. 4:4), the one being adored?

    Many the world over aggrandize and reverence Christmas as the birth of someone who cannot be the Messiah of the Bible. Who? Whose birthday is it? Write today for the booklet Christmas: The Untold Story (suggested donation $2.00; US PPD). Read the surprising story of Christmas-a story that goes back to the dawn of angelic history-to the birth of a great winged Cherub (Ezk. 28:14).

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  • Come Out of Babylon: Keep the Scriptural New Moon

    Is the new moon observance of ancient Babylon still used today?  The Babylonians of old looked for the first visible lunar crescent as the signal to start the month.  Many groups today use this same method while claiming it is Biblical to do so.  But is it? Exactly where in the Bible are we commanded to start the month at evening when the first crescent is sighted in the western sky after sunset?  The often-quoted verse, Deuteronomy 16:1, used as justification, does not say that.

    In fact, here is what the Bible really says:  “…Come OUT OF HER [BABYLON, see v. 2, Rev. 18]…that you BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS…” (Rev. 18:4). And “…LEARN NOT the ways of the heathen…” (Jer. 10:2). Is there a connection here?

    Where did the Jews get their evening-to-evening day and the “first visible crescent” traditions? The shocking fact is they got them, not from the Bible, but from ancient BABYLON!  Though many scoff at such a statement, facts are facts. Long held beliefs to the contrary, do not change reality.

    GET THE FACTS.  Come out of Babylon…”that you receive not of her plagues” (Rev. 18:4). Read this booklet that pulls the mask off modern counterfeits masquerading as the true calendar of the Bible (Suggested donation: $2.50; US PPD).

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  • Observance of the Old Testament Holy Days is Still Required

    Do the Holy Days observed prior to the New Testament record, still stand? Did they, as commonly taught, end with the sacrificial system practiced under the Levitical priesthood?

    The church in the wilderness kept those annual Sabbaths. Is the church today exempted from observing them?

    If so, why did Paul tell the Corinthians “…let us keep the feast [of passover/days of unleavened bread]…with unleavened bread, sincerity and truth.” (I Cor. 5:8)?

    If the Holy Days commanded in the Law has been nullified, why do we find the church keeping Pentecost after the crucifixion and resurrection? (Acts 2:1)? Why, as late as 57 A.D., do we find Paul giving a sermon on the first Sabbath of the Feast of Weeks as clearly stated in Acts 20:7?

    And why do we find the Messiah himself, Yahshua, observing the Holy Days (John 7:14; 22:7-8)? Is He is not our example: “…leaving us an example, that you should follow his steps.” (I Pet. 2:21)?

    Get the booklet that tells it straight. Write for your copy of “Observance of the Old Testament Holy Days is Still Required” (Suggested donation, $2.50, US, ppd).

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  • The Scriptural Weekly Sabbath is NOT From Sunset-to-Sunset

    Here is the stunning, surprising truth about the Scriptural weekly Sabbath. Hidden for untold centuries, the true weekly Sabbath of the Bible has once again emerged into full view. Through the pages of this 48-page book the startling truth of the true Sabbath of Scripture is restored. This vital knowledge is a basic part of the sign which identifies Yahweh's people. By the TRUE Sabbath sign we know who is sanctified by Yahweh and who is not! Do you have the true sign of Yahweh? (Ex. 31:13; Ezk. 20:12, 20)

    Saturday is the right day of the week, but WHEN does the weekly Sabbath start? Does it really start at sundown Friday and end sundown Saturday? Where does the BIBLE say that? Is Leviticus 23:32 proof of a sunset-to-sunset weekly Sabbath? Could it be an ancient Babylonian method of reckoning the day has been substituted for Yahweh's true weekly Sabbath? Read this shocking eye opener and learn the answer to these questions and other important facts about the Sabbath.

    This is must reading for anyone who believes the weekly seventh-day Sabbath is Saturday. Here is the BIBLE truth on the proper time to observe the commanded weekly Sabbath. Read the surprising facts of the Bible and history! Send for your copy today (48 pp; Suggested donation: $4.00 US PPD).

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  • The Second Coming of Babylon

    A World Capital, a great city-called a “woman” in prophecy, is about to make a meteoric rise to prominence and dominance on the world scene! What is the name of this awakening giant, this center of opulence and world power? Where is it located? This booklet reveals the clear, definite Biblical answers to these questions. No guessing. No speculation. Too, this “woman” rides a 10-horned beast. Who are these “ten horns” of prophecy (Rev. 17:12, 14, 16)? Read the actual NAMES of the ten-horns of prophecy unveiled right from your Bible. Find out when-month and year-the woman will likely be destroyed. “The Second Coming of Babylon,” is an urgent, stunning message for this end-time generation about, “…things which must shortly come to pass…” (Rev. 1:2). Order your copy today (Suggested donation, $3.00, ppd in US).

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  • Wormwood: On a Collision Course with Earth!

    Asteroids in Your Future?

    Will planet Earth one day be on an irreversible collision course with massive cosmic debris, mammoth “Earth-killer” sized rocks? Or is it now on such a course?

    Does the Bible prophesy such events?

    This doomsday possibility has been billed by scientists as “…the ultimate environmental hazard: the conceivable destruction of civilization by the impact of a comet or asteroid…” (Los Alamos Laboratories, New Mexico conference, 1992).

    When the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 blasted the planet Jupiter in July, 1994, an awestruck astronomer prophetically gasped, “We are seeing our future in advance!”

    What is in our future? Is Earth now moving quickly toward a rendezvous with a centuries-old prophesied destiny fraught with global environmental risk?

    Does the Bible show there is in fact a very real cause for concern?

    Get the Creator, Yahweh's, sobering views on these monumental questions! Read “Wormwood: On a Collision Course with Earth” without delay! Order your copy today (Suggested donation: $3.00 US PPD).

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